Administration of subsidy funds

The Ministry of Immigration and Integration processes personal data in connection with the administration of subsidy funds within the field of immigration.

Purpose and legal basis

The purpose of this processing of personal data is to be able to handle the administration of our subsidy programmes for integration projects, etc. The Agency for International Recruitment and Integration is the body responsible for making decisions in specific cases concerning subsidy funds, but we also receive those cases and thus the personal data included in the cases.

The legal basis for processing the personal data is based on a legal obligation, see Article 6(1)(c) and Article 9(2)(f) of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Categories of data

It is necessary to process personal data in order to be able to properly manage the subsidy programmes. This may include general as well as sensitive personal data. Depending on the circumstances, it may also be necessary to process personal data about others than the applicant for subsidy funds.

Recipients or categories of recipients

Depending on the circumstances, we may disclose data about the applicant. This may be to the following authorities:

  • The Danish Parliament, Folketinget (this will generally be in connection with a response to a parliamentary question)
  • The immigration authorities (for example in connection with the collection of further information about the applications)

Storage of your data

Cases concerning subsidy funds are registered with a reference number in our electronic case and document management system. We file documents with personal data in accordance with the rules set out in the Access to Public Administration Files Act, and we hand them over to the state archival authorities in accordance with the rules set out in the legislation on archives (approximately every five years). After this, we will make a specific assessment of whether we need to retain a copy of the cases. This assessment will take into account whether the subsidy funds case may be likely to form part of future cases, such as in connection with requests for renewed consideration, complaints, etc. If the Ministry does not have an administrative need to retain a copy of the cases, they will be erased.