Telephone conversations

The Danish Immigration Service processes personal data in connection with our telephone service including recordings of the telephone conversation between you and our employees for the purpose of internal employee training.

Purpose and legal basis

The purpose of the recording of telephone conversations in our telephone service unit is for internal employee trainings and the legal basis can therefore be found in chapter 2 of the General Data Protection Regulation regarding consent. Both article 6(1)(a) and article 9(2)(a) can be a necessary legal ground due to the fact that we cannot know whether the telephone conversation will only concern general personal data or sensitive personal data as well.

Categories of data

The personal data being processed will be the data exchanged during the telephone conversation meaning it can both be general as well as sensitive personal data.

Recipients or categories of recipients

The recordings of telephone conversations are solely for the use of internal employee training. The data will therefore not be passed on to other authorities or companies.

Storage of your data

Your personal data (the recordings of telephone conversations) will be stored for 30 days. The Danish Immigration Service will erase the data on its’ own initiative subsequently. You can however request to have the recordings of telephone conversations erased before then, as you can invoke your other rights as a data subject.

Sidst opdateret 20.11.2019