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Efforts to prevent extremism in the Nordic countries


Radicalization and extremism have evolved and have grown to become significant threats, posing a serious common challenge to the Nordic countries’ security, democracy and social cohesion. Therefore, the need for effective and well-functioning efforts to prevent radicalization and extremism are crucial to counteracting acts of extremism. The Nordic countries have worked for some years to strengthen the prevention of radicalization and extremism, but compared to other areas, such as for example general crime prevention and prevention of social vulnerability, this work to prevent radicalization and extremism is still at an early stage. Thus, the development of preventive efforts needs further attention. Over the years, each of the Nordic countries has built up knowledge on prevention of radicalization and extremism, which could usefully be shared. The Nordic Network for Prevention of Extremism was therefore established in 2015. The network consists of represent-atives (civil servants) from the responsible ministries in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The objective of the network is to serve as a common forum for discussion on policies, strategies and measures for prevention of radicalization and extremism, and to provide the Nordic countries with ideas and inspiration on how to strengthen their national efforts.

In June 2017, Denmark took on the chairmanship and has initiated this mapping of the Nordic countries’ efforts to prevent extremism. The objective of the mapping is to support a systematic sharing of knowledge and inspiration in the network and the Nordic countries. The mapping identifies differences and similarities in approaches and strategies, ways to organize the preventive efforts, and it maps various measures used in the Nordic countries. This report is descriptive and does not evaluate the preventive efforts in the Nordic countries, but serves rather as a basis for continued dialogue and cooperation.

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