Return Center Lindholm

The Danish Government has decided to establish an additional return center for foreigners residing in Denmark without legal stay. The purpose of the additional center is to ensure law and order.

The residents of the return center will be foreigners, who due to criminality, national security concerns or other relevant reasons are excluded from residence permit as refugees, but who cannot be returned to their country of origin due to the risk of ill-treatment (foreigners on so-called tolerated stay). Furthermore, it includes foreigners who are expelled due to criminality and who have served their prison sentence, but where they and/or their country of origin refuse to cooperate on their return. It also includes foreign fighters without Danish nationality. Finally, the return center will also accommodate rejected asylum seekers, who are sentenced for violations of the Criminal Code, the Act on weapons and firearms, the Act on knives or the Act on controlled substances in or around a return center.

The residents in the center will be subject to the same restrictions as those in the two existing centers. The residents are not detained. They are free to leave the island, and a ferry service will be provided. Knowledge of their whereabouts, however, ensures an effective return to the country of origin as soon as a forced return becomes possible. Therefore they are obliged to live at the center and report on a daily basis.

The island of Lindholm is located in the Bay of Stege, north of the island of Møn in the municipality of Vordingborg. The island is situated approximately 3.2 km. from Kalvehave. Today, The Veterinary Institute of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU Vet) is located on Lindholm.

Lindholm is state-owned and is today only to a limited extent inhabited. A ferry operates between Lindholm and the city of Kalvehave in Southern Zealand Region. The crossing-time is approximately 20 minutes. The ferry will continue to operate for the use of the residents and staff of the return center.  

DTU is expected to vacate Lindholm by the end of 2019. The necessary renovations and construction etc. will be initiated in August 2019 in order for the Return Center Lindholm to be taken into use in the second half of 2021.

The return center is expected to have a capacity of 100 residents with the possibility of housing a further 25 residents.


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