The EU27 and the United Kingdom have approved the Withdrawal Agreement

The United Kingdom withdrew from the EU on January 31st 2020. It is the first time that a Member State leaves the EU.


The Withdrawal Agreement was approved by the British Parliament and the European Parliament in January 2020. The United Kingdom withdrew from the EU on January 31st 2020.The Withdrawal Agreement lays down the conditions for the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the EU, including citizen’s rights.

Read more about the Withdrawal Agreement on the homepage of the European Commission (pdf)

The Withdrawal Agreement provides for a temporary transition period until 31 December 2020 with the possibility for a prolongation of one or two years.

During the transition period, EU rules on Free Movement will apply. Accordingly, British citizens and their family members will maintain all rights under the Free Movement Directive from the United Kingdom’s withdrawal until the end of transition period and will continue to be able to legally reside in another EU Member State. The Free Movement Directive has been implemented into Danish law by ministerial order, the EU-Residence Order. 

Part II on citizens of the Withdrawal Agreement enters into force upon expiry of the transition period. British citizens and their family members legally residing in an EU Member State before the end of the transition period will be covered by the Withdrawal Agreement after the transition period, inter alia by the rules on residence rights, provided that they continue to fulfill the conditions set out in the Agreement.

It follows from the Withdrawal Agreement that British citizens who have legally and continuously resided in Denmark for five years can apply for permanent residence in Denmark. Residence periods that has started prior and under the transition period will be included in the calculation of a right of permanent residence. The right to obtain a right of permanent residence will not be affected for persons covered by the Withdrawal Agreement.

British citizens, who wish to move to Denmark after the end of the transition period, will as a main rule, have to apply for residence and work permits like other third country nationals. In that connection the Danish Aliens Act will apply.

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