Life in Denmark – educational film for the immigration test

The immigration test comprises a language test in the Danish language and a knowledge test with questions about Denmark, in Danish.

The preparation package for the immigration test includes the educational film ‘Life in Denmark’ (Et liv i Danmark), which can be used when preparing for the knowledge test. The film provides answers to the questions that might be asked as part of the knowledge test.

The educational film contains 17 chapters, each of them dealing with specific issues. You can see the different chapters by clicking on the titles below.

Chapter 1: Welcome to Denmark (duration: 3:19)

Chapter 2: A brief description of Denmark (duration: 4.45)

Chapter 3: Beginning life in Denmark (duration: 3:29)

Chapter 4: Work, economy and housing (duration: 11:12)

Chapter 5: Denmark’s history (duration: 10:46)

Chapter 6: Democracy, form of government and church (duration: 10:31)

Chapter 7: Law and justice (duration: 1:37)

Chapter 8: The history of immigration (duration: 5:35)

Chapter 9: Leisure time and work (duration: 4:33)

Chapter 10: Danish culture (duration: 7:21)

Chapter 11: Your basis for residency (duration: 3:01)

Chapter 12: Introduction Programme and Danish language tuition (duration: 2:50)

Chapter 13: Education in Denmark (duration: 5:26)

Chapter 14: Family life in Denmark (duration: 7:55)

Chapter 15: Health and Illness (duration: 3:17)

Chapter 16: Women’s and men’s rights (duration: 9:58)

Chapter 17: The immigration test (duration: 3:16)

Life in Denmark is produced in Danish and has been translated into the following 18 languages: Albanian, Arabic, Bosnian, English, Farsi, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Tagalog, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese.

Life in Denmark (Et liv i Danmark) is produced by Feldballe Film & TV.

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